Donation Based Sessions


Yes, you read that right. Ali May Photography is now doing donation based sessions! What is that you may wonder? Keep reading to find out!


What is a donation based session?

Great question! A donation based session is a “name your price” session. We do maternity, newborn, senior portraits, and even weddings as donation based! There are a limited number so you have to fill out a little application, but don’t worry, it’ll only take a few minutes. You will email me, fill out the application and we will schedule a phone call to discuss your budget. I’ll give you suggested donations, but you can pay what you can. We will agree upon an amount so there are no surprises on our session day! If you’re applying for a donation based wedding, then I may charge a small reservation fee, but never more than $100. Still interested? Read below to see why you may want this session, how you may qualify and how to book it.

Why would I want a donation based session?

You may be interested in a donation based session if you are a student, an artist who really needs some headshots or documentation of your work, a family on maternity leave that isn’t receiving much support, a couple who wants their wedding documented but can’t spend a couple thousand dollars on a photographer! I get it! I’m a student and living on a budget, I want to give professional photographs to people like me that can’t necessarily afford the quality they deserve.



How do I book a donation based session?

This part is pretty easy! Simply email alimayphoto(at)gmail(dot)com and say that you’re interested in booking a donation based session and would like to fill out an application. Don’t worry, it’s not like applying to college, it’s just a simple questionnaire so that I can get a better idea as to why you want a donation based session. There are a limited number of them!